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Four Ways Small Businesses Can Make a Big Email Splash

"Countless small businesses send out countless emails every day," writes Gary Levitt in an article at MarketingProfs.

"If you were to sift through campaigns and results (as I do), the mountains of data would suggest two breeds of email campaign: the outstanding … and the invisible. Your emails need to be outstanding."

Here's Levitt's advice for creating campaigns that won't get lost in the usual blah-blah-blah crowding a customer's inbox:

Don't be too perfect. Levitt isn't suggesting that you include typos or grammatical errors to make your emails more human. But you should allow your personality to shine through. "The best brands—much like the best people—have an identity, a voice, idiosyncrasies, and unpredictable quirks," he notes. We tend not to trust people who are buffed and polished to an unnaturally perfect degree—and the same is true of email campaigns.


Delight with small surprises. Beneath an email offer, include a customer review, a blurb from a recent blog post or a link to a relevant article. "[Y]ou might be surprised by all the clicks and social sharing that your little afterthought generates," Levitt notes.

Make an impression with strong design. Create a memorable banner-esque header that sets the tone for your campaigns. "Have a graphic designer help with typesetting and graphics," he advises. "Do it once, and do it right. You're going to get tons of use out of it."

Err on the side of sending too frequently. You should never send an email simply to send an email. But don't hold back relevant, useful, timely content because you're worried it might be one message too many, he says.

The Po!nt: Relax and say what you mean. Email marketing is about developing a relationship with your subscriber—so communicate with that person as you would with a friend.