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Local Search

The foundation of creating a business identity and marketing it is to first make sure the company’s name, address, phone number and description can be found on Search Engines, online Yellow Pages, Social Networks, 411 Directory Assistance and Mobile/GPS navigation devices. These local business searches are driven by databases of such listings, not from Website information. Local Search listings are becoming more important now that Search Engines and Mobile services deliver localized information based on knowledge of where you are when you conduct a Web search.

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Sophisticated Web users know that you can submit listings directly to several of the larger Search portals, but this is time-consuming, complicated and few experts know all the places where the data needs to go. Unlike Web search, which is dominated by Google, searches for businesses are more likely to happen on other sites and Mobile phones. Even fewer experts know the tricks in dealing with 800-numbers, P.O. Box numbers and non-traditional phone lines.

M3Cloud provides a single entry point where you can create enhanced business profiles that data gets distributed to all major outlets. Our data becomes the PDS (Primary Data Service) on many networks and is the SDS (Secondary Data Source) on many others. Keep in mind that we use NAP Verification for our customers and as a result the directories know that we can be trusted for their websites, directories and mobile item such as Smart Phones and Navigation Systems.