M3Cloud - Why Immediate Lead Responses Pay Off

Time is Money: Why Immediate Lead Responses Pay Off

We all know it's important to follow up with an inbound marketing lead as quickly as possible. But what's your definition of a quick response? Within three to five business days? Same day? An hour?

According to a study by MIT, you have 5 minutes.

The study found that companies convert web-based leads 22 times more often when they initiate contact over the phone with the customer within the first five minutes. Those precious minutes are when your contact is eager to buy, and likely still at his or her desk.

If you miss the window of opportunity, your customer could be on to the next project, or even on to the next competitor. The odds of contacting or qualifying a lead drop significantly if you wait just one hour to begin calling. In fact, the odds of contacting your lead on the phone drop 10 times after the first hour.


And the longer you wait, the worse it gets. Every additional dial you make after 20 hours can actually hurt your ability to make contact with a lead.

Here are 3 reasons why the immediacy of lead response is so important to increasing your conversion rate:

  • Peak of Interest. If customers take the time to visit your website and fill out a form, they're interested at that very moment. Wait a few days, and they could have completely forgotten about your company. You want to get in touch with them immediately, while their interest is at an all-time high.
  • Presence. If your customers just submitted a web-based form, you know where they are. They are at their desk, and most importantly, able to answer their phone. It's your best chance to make contact with them.
  • The "Wow" Factor. Customers want to know that your product or service will meet their needs, and meet them quickly. Calling them within five minutes of their inquiry makes a powerful first impression.

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