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The Five-Minute Rule of Lead Response

What do birthday greetings and punch lines have in common? Both rely on good timing to be effective. The same is true for responding to inbound marketing leads. Those first five minutes are crucial. Leads convert 22 times more often when you make contact within the first five minutes, according to an MIT study.


Though traditional marketing automation platforms help you capture, nurture, and score leads, at some point in the process, you may want to get on the phone and speak with a prospect to close a deal.

The window of opportunity closes quickly in the sales process; response time is critical. Consider this: An eager buyer fills out a Web form, but by the time your sales team responds, the prospect is no longer interested or, worse, he has moved on to a competitor.

To learn more about the importance of lead response and how it can help close sales leads, check out the infographic below.

Lead Response