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M3Cloud Solutions

The foundation of creating any business identity and marketing it is to make sure that the company is listed on the search engines, social networks, mobile/GPS navigation devices, and more. And while the website plays an important foundational role, local business searches are driven by databases of secondary listings, not from website information. Since search engines and mobile devices are delivering localized information based on where you are when you conduct a web search, local listings are crucial. At M3Cloud we recognize that local search may be a concept for many, but our clients know it's what we do better than anyone. Making full use of the technology available to enhance our client's marketing strategies we are able to secure placement at the top of the search, without using pay-per-click.

Local Search

While sophisticated web users know that you can submit listings directly to several of the larger search portals, many find the process very time-consuming, not to mention complicated. And while a savvy web user might think they have covered all of the bases, the field changes every day, something that we refer to as a moving target. How can a person stay on top of the changes, or even know all of the places where the data needs to go? At M3Cloud, we stay on top of it for you. Unlike a web search, which is dominated by Google, local searches for businesses are more likely to happen on other sites and Mobile phones. And very few experts know the tricks in dealing with 800-numbers, P.O. Box numbers and non-traditional phone lines. We keep track of the ever-changing details, secure our clients consistent placement at the top of the search, and help them stay ahead of the curve.

Website Analytics

It's all in the details, we get that. One of the most exciting aspects of our work is to help our clients gauge their web usage, results and visitor habits. Reporting is a key component to any online marketing campaign, and something that all of us at M3Cloud take very seriously. While many firms focus on only one or two metrics in their reports, we use a wide variety of tools and reports to ensure that we are getting the 'big picture' through every step of the process. We can define our measures of success, setup multiple campaigns, and have hard quantitative data we need throughout the process. Because bottom line, ensuring web analytics are implemented properly within a campaign bears a tremendous impact on how useful data will be. If the implementation process misses one detail or lacks one quality assurance check, a campaign can be doomed from the beginning, and riddled with inaccurate data and attribution problems. So details, we've got your details, and a clear view of the big picture from concept through completion.

Content Management

A content management system is vital when it comes to any large scale website. It's a given that a website grows organically over time in page numbers and content, and soon it can get hard to find things and updating the site gets complex and time consuming. At M3Cloud, our content management systems solve website management and scalability problems. In fact, our content management systems run so smoothly that everything from the streamlined appearance of the published pages to the navigation provided to the users is just easy. Any business owner who knows the importance of content will acknowledge that a content management system is indispensable, and rumor has it that a content management system has the potential to impact more users than any other system since e-mail. At M3Cloud we can help you get it right, the first time.